Translation teams

Translation teams group all the translators working on each language. Every team may have one or more coordinators, as well as one or more translators.

Translators can submit translations for new strings, as well as suggesting new translations for already translated strings.

Coordinators are able to accept team join requests, as well as to approve new translation strings.

The site maintainers are not part of any translation team: translators can contact them for not language-specific questions, if their team coordinator isn't able to give support.

Coordinators have up to 15 days to answer to pending join requests. If they do not answer within 15 days, applicant users will be automatically accepted as translators.

Dutch (Belgium) Translation Team


Korvin, mlocati, Remo

Team Coordinators

  • xb385
    Contributions to Dutch (Belgium) translations: 39 (currently approved: 39)
    Coordinator since: Jun 15, 2020, 9:20 PM


No translators so far